What happens when you take the ‘PUSH’ out of selling?

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What happens when you take the ‘PUSH’ out of selling?

  • by Jackie Jarvis The Walking Business Coach & Natural Selling Expert

“Change the way you think about selling, and the way you sell will change”

If the idea of selling makes you feel uncomfortable, it is likely you don’t like the idea of having to be pushy. You don’t like being pushed yourself and as a result may think it is rude to push. And if you don’t push you don’t win the sale.

I heard a phrase the other day that may change your mind.  Someone in a sales team said they were going to Fire up the closing machine.’ Can you just imagine what the customers were going to feel when they got a call from that particular sales person? Do you think that the closing machine would hit a few targets and kill the sales opportunity? Probably very likely 

This idea that sales needs to be pushy is an old dated view, one that infers that you have to make someone buy something they don’t really want with clever techniques and persuasive words? 

Pushing infers that it is hard, an effort and that the person you are pushing doesn’t really feel motivated at all. That you somehow have to make them do it. This can’t really be the right way to encourage sales to flow can it? Especially if we see things from the buyers point of view.

Take the word Push out all together

What if you took the word PUSH out of selling all together? Would it relax the whole process for both you and the potential buyer?

What could you replace this ‘push’ energy with that would make sales conversations seem easy and relaxed?

What about ‘Help? How would that change the dynamic?

The word Help makes things much more relaxed

We all want to be helped when we need to buy something to enhance our business or personal life. Helping is different to pushing. It suggests that you have the client’s best interest at heart. If all you were doing was exploring if you could help and all your energy and focus went into that, less into the worry about not pushing enough there is no doubt that your sales conversations would become much more relaxed. Your follow up would also be more genuine. 

Think about selling in a NEW way

So to take the push out of selling, you must first start thinking about selling in a new way. You don’t have to be an extrovert or pushy to succeed in sales – you can stay true to your ‘authentic’ self and still be successful.

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