Clarity Days

Imagine walking, talking and reflecting with your coach in a spectacular environment for a whole day.

As we walk together you will be able to clear your head completely for the highest quality thinking, be open to insights and will certainly gain a fresh perspective on your situation or challenge.

Escape from all the normal pressures and take time to explore what really matters to you.

When walking your creativity expands, you will find decision making easier and your energy levels rise.

A Clarity Day can help you...

  • Explore your vision, purpose, values and goals
  • Make a big, important decision
  • Reset your life or business in a new direction
  • Decide whether to Exit or Retire
  • Explore a new business development strategy
  • Explore options or opportunities with a business partner

A clarity day could be a one off, or it could be the start of a series of walk and talk business coaching sessions or continued with zoom or skype follow up.

On a Clarity Day

We will spend it walking and talking in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, taking breaks for coffee, lunch and afternoon tea, allowing plenty of time to pull together and summarise important output and insight.

You will get the time and space away from the office to take stock and explore what may have become jumbled up in your head. We will talk about what is important, and the resources you may need to help you make things happen and what may be the best way forward for you.

I will use the recorder on my phone to keep track of ideas as they flow. Brainstorming works so much better on foot.

Having a Clarity Day will give you a whole new perspective, one that can help to guide you forward in the months that follow.

Follow up

To ensure that the days’ inspiration turns into practical action, an appropriate follow up programme that works for you can be arranged

To arrange an exploratory conversation with Jackie, please contact us