In the Boardroom

Directors and Management Team Facilitation

Having an external guide to facilitate a regular team meeting or business development strategy sessions can be an ideal way of helping to gain clarity, create structure and end up with a clear action plan with the commitment to follow through.

Working with Directors, business owners and their teams in the Boardroom, I have perfected a method and a style that creates alignment, keeps everyone on track, whilst maintaining that all important trust and communication.

How It Works

Time to Reflect and Learn

This process provides vital refection time during which all participants will have a voice and be heard. Everyone can and will learn from each other’s contribution. 

Maintain Clarity and Focus 

Regular monthly sessions make sure everyone maintains a focus on the bigger picture and the importance of their individual contribution. Reporting back on progress made and KPI’s makes sure everyone stays focused.

Positive Momentum

Each session starts with achievements and learning from the month and ends with an action plan. Articulation, recognition and commitment creates this vital energy.

Guiding Growth, Through Challenges

The sessions are kept on track with an agreed agenda, guided discussions, challenging questions and honest feedback.

In any growing business there will always be challenges to deal with. The mastermind brain of your team can help you to resolve issues and make decisions together.

Specific Strategies 

In addition to the core structure, sessions can be used to focus on specific areas for example, business development, planning a project or event, purpose and values, retaining and extending work with existing clients or marketing plans.

Your Part 

Slow Down to Grow

For any business coaching process to be successful, you will need to take time out of your business to work on it. The sessions need to be regular enough to keep the focus and create the momentum to get a return on your investment.

Meetings of 2 to 3 hours once a month, with time for preparation and follow through on actions is recommended.  

Shorter Zoom Skype coaching for individuals can also be an option.

From Here to There

At the onset, it is important to understand, where you are now and where you want to be, what your biggest challenges are and what may be getting in your way.

I offer an initial Complimentary Clarity Meeting to explore this with you.

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