Natural Selling Step by Step

Let Go of ‘Stress’

If you are feeling stressed about selling, and lack clarity, what better way to free yourself from any blocks, than walking and talking in the natural environment, exploring the best way forward with an expert.

As we walk together, you will explore what maybe holding you back, clarify who you ideally want as clients, can help the most and the best way to position your brand, service or products.

Connect the Dots

By escaping the normal daily distractions, your mind will be free to fully focus on what you have to offer, what makes what you do, special and what will be most likely to attract and build long term client relationships.

Walking and talking with give you the opportunity to map out an ideal customer journey from first interaction to proposal and engagement. 

Practice Naturally Engaging Conversations

A simple structure will help your conversations with potential clients to flow. Conversations that help you to connect fully with the problems, needs, and core values of those you wish to engage as clients. We can do this walking side by side and practice whilst having coffee.

Take Natural Steps

You will find that walking gets your blood flowing and inspires ideas. You will feel more natural and authentic. This is the ideal state to be in to attract clients.

Stopping from time to time to record ideas, with planning and practice over coffee. You will be amazed at how much ground we cover. (Literally!)

Get Help With

  • Strategy Planning
  • Sales Processes
  • Structuring Conversations

Take the First Step Forward

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