Walk, Talk and Plan

If your business life feels like climbing a steep hill with a huge, heavy pack on your back, may be its’ time to get up from your desk, turn off the PC and get out in the fresh air and walk. Walk and Talk with someone who’s job it is to be your guide.

Your brain, your body and your business will thank you for it.

Walk and Talk in Nature

Walk and Talk (with coffee and planning afterwards) is a unique approach to business coaching that allows the natural environment to be part of the whole process. 

Part of the session is spent outside walking and the other inside planning over coffee.

Walking Business Coaching can help you if you…

  • Find yourself overloaded and tired, just wanting to feel better.
  • Want change but seem to be stuck in the same place.
  • Have a project or a problem you would value help thinking through
  • Want a fresh perspective and new ideas to move forward.

Get away from your normal pressures and triggers

Once you get outside in the open you will find that you will relax and feel at ease. Walking side by side with someone who’s job it is to listen as you off load, mentally and emotionally. Being out in the open makes talking and thinking much easier. Your creativity will be stimulated. You will be amazed and what comes up and how energised you feel afterwards.

Mind and feet working together

Moving your body will naturally move your thinking forward. There is a curious link between your mind and your feet. As you take steps forward you can move through any issues and challenges easily. Your life and your business will begin to change as if by magic as you walk. You won’t have to try so hard to come up with the answer. It will just be there.

Reflect – Re boot - Recharge;

Once you take fresh air into your lungs and allow yourself to breathe deeply, the stress and pressure you have been under will lift. The ‘real’ you without the should, musts and must not’s will be freed up.

What you though you wanted at the start may not be what you end up with.

The Approach

We start the process with a virtual coffee to establish what your outcomes and challenges are. A programme of walk and plan sessions can them be designed to suit your needs. 

The duration of the walks can be adjusted to suit your fitness level, but as a rule we may walk for 90 minutes and then spend an hour having coffee and creating a plan. (Coffee shop or meeting room) 

Ideas and thoughts can be recorded as we walk and then worked into your plan on our return.

Monthly walk and plan sessions can be followed up with a bi monthly zoom or skype as required to maintain momentum and provide accountability. 

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