The 3 C's of Natural Selling

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The 3 C's of Natural Selling

  • by Jackie Jarvis The Walking Business Coach & Natural Selling Expert

There are three important ingredients necessary to make the natural selling approach truly effective for the buyer. 

The first C is about Clarity 

As confusion can prevent sales happening, clarity is vital for both you and your client.

Your job is to help people to get clear about their challenges, problems, values and what it is that they really want in connection with your area of service. The clearer they are the easier it will be for you to offer insight, advice and show how your solution can solve their problems, meet their needs and connect with their values.

You also need to be totally clear about what you are offering, how it works and what it could do for your potential customers. The more clarity you have the less likely you will be to confuse and the more able you will be to help.

The second C is about Conversation

People don’t want to be sold to they want a conversation with an expert.

Generally, we are all more likely to make positive buying decisions when we are relaxed. Natural selling is about being able to have easy conversations that encourage buyers to open up about what it is that they need help with. A conversation is about two people talking together. A natural selling conversation has a structure that enables it to flow easily from exploring to advising, whilst maintaining rapport.

The third C is about Consultation

People don’t want to be persuaded they want to be consulted with.

In today's marketplace there is so much choice and as buyers we can all get information about whatever we want online. It is the advice and insight we are looking for; we don’t want or need to be sold to. Natural selling is all about consulting with buyers in order to help them make the right decision.

The value comes from you the expert handling the sales conversation as if it were a consultation. Exploring what it is that the client has a problem with and advising on what would be the best, most appropriate solution. All you need to do as the expert is focus on providing guidance, professional advice and education, whilst maintaining a relaxed rapport. Natural selling is about doing what you normally do, so well.

Putting it all together

So when you put the 3 C’s together what you have is a natural sales conversation that enables your client to gain clarity whilst benefiting from a consultation. The result of which will enable you both to decide on the most appropriate next step to take in a perfectly natural relaxed way.

Next step

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